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Digital Art and New Media Art are at the crossroads of art, science, technology and emotions.

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An overview of our services

Immersive Art Spaces

Digitalarti imagines and creates interactive, immersive, exclusive, customized digital environments,  for reception areas, hotels suites, apartments, … Surrounded with images and rich sounds with which you interact, these spaces offer an amazing immersive and sensory experience into art and entertainment.   Large creative video selection Digitalarti selects the most appropriate digital works […]

Interactive Art Shopping

To attract and retain customers, art and digital creation offers multiple opportunities to generate excitement and emotion in the presentation of products, brands and magnify the point of sale, from the shop to the mall.   Re-enchant sales areas One of the main axes of innovation of advertisers today is […]

Memorable & Digital Art Events

  Innovation is a major concern for businesses, and in this context, the digital transformation is the subject of the moment. This generates new behaviors whose words are collaborative exchanges, interactivity, immediacy. To innovate, companies have realized the need to provide a favorable environment to the creativity of teams, that is […]

Our vision, our expertise

Producer and distributor of digital creations worldwide, Digitalarti advises companies
for their digital strategies and help creators by spreading their digital artworks for events
and installations.

A burgeoning digital world

A burgeoning digital world At the frontier between art, science and technology, digital design offers a wealth of visual, sensory and interactive new experiences. This work questions the world in its digital transformation.

Incubator of digital talents

With its Artlab the fablab of digital creation, Digitalarti works as a digital talent incubator surrounding artists with a network of experts, engineers and developers. The media, Digitalarti News, also detects trends and emerging talent

Digital creation for all

From its offices in Paris, New York and Shanghai, Digitalarti organizes the distribution of digital art to a wide audience both in public spaces, festivals, businesses or commercial spaces.


The EM District Presents: Bangkok Illumination 2015,” is the Thailand’s first international lighting festival. The event will transform The EM District and Sukhumvit Road into a lighting art exhibition with stunning lighting art and 3D mapping performance produced by Digitalarti will be displayed on the luxurious front façade of The Emporium […]

News written on Tuesday 1 December 2015 in Memorable & Digital Art Events, News

After the initial success of our previous call with international artists signed for exclusive videos for airports and airlines around the world, Digitalarti is currently curating new media video artworks for additional clients to be exhibited in hotel lobbies, corporate headquarters and more. The theme of this call is open. […]

News written on Friday 4 September 2015 in Immersive Art Spaces, News


Artlab Digitalarti

Welcoming digital creators for their projects

The Artlab is a place of research, development and prototyping dedicated to digital arts. Created in 2011 by Digitalarti the Artlab aims to bring together artists and technicians in a creative and collaborative approach. The approach is multidisciplinary, at the crossroads between the possibilities of technology and the inspiration of the artists. […]

Artworks creation and adaptation

Projects are selected according to several criteria such as artistic quality, technical knowledge of the artist, potential impact on the career of the artist / technician contribution to the development of Artlab,  potential diffusion of the creation.Thanks to all the human and material resources of Artlab, Digitalarti offers works created or adapted to the particular needs of an event, an installation or a place. […]

Digitalarti Media

The Digitalarti online media, covers the world of digital art internationally. It addresses current events of major or emerging artists and their artworks,
the mains events of this artform all over the world and also topics related to innovation, research and the relationship between art, science and technology.

American artist and researcher Kyle McDonald now enjoys international recognition. On the line up at the biggest international festivals like Ars Electronica, Sonar and Click Festival, he is nota ...

News written on November 12, 2015

The first stage of a mini-tour around the world of media labs takes us east. We interviewed Olga Shishko, the curator and artistic director of Moscow’s MediaArtLab about the activities of this s ...

News written on October 29, 2015