MYO, unleash your inner Jedi

MYO is a brand new wearable gestures sensor created by Thalmic Labs. 

Basically, it is a strap you wrap around your arm between your wrist and your elbow. The strap is stuffed with sensors which detect the muscles activity and the arm motions. It is said to be precise enough to detect the gestures of a single finger. Then, each gesture data are sent through Bluetooth for any kind of control, since the data work as an API. For instance, you may  control devices like a camera, a computer, a screen, a drone, a robot...

This device looks like the offsrping of the Leap Motion and Kinect sensors. It seems more accurate than a Kinect but detects only the arm and fingers gestures (who will try it first on a leg ?). MYO detects the fingers and the arm gestures whereas Leap Motion only tracks the fingers, but does not need to be worn. To go a step further, it should work even in the dark, without any infrared projector (required to use a Kinect or a Leap Motion in the dark). However, it has to fit to the user: several users may not be able to interact with an installation thanks to MYO as easily as it is with a Kinect or a Leap Motion.

MYO seems promising. We are looking forward to discovering what the developers will come up with this new device. Several months after its release, Leap Motion is still going through tests and developers' tries. Let's be patient and see if a digital artist will get inspired by MYO in the next few months.

More details about MYO


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