Aude François is a video artist exploring real time performance with musiciens & interactive software. Coming from fine art & history of art, she started with drawing, engraving and painting. She developps experimental short videos, live audio visual performances & video installations together with various acoustic musiciens and collective. Her works mainly deal with physical and psycological self-reflections and the notion of memory, exploring the bounderies between technologies and old fashioned images...

She actually lives and work in berlin, studying a phd in new media, cinema and audiovisual


portraits froissés

 Experimental short video

filming & editing by aude francois

running time : 9'47

video link : 

En relation


Homo Bulla - Installation interactive (work in progress)

    Archive vidéo - Plateau de tournage Le Fresnoy Proje
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festival intersrice mai 2014

Le festival ]interstice[ rencontre des inclassables explore depuis 2006 des
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Digitalarti recrute : un(e) Community Manager (CDI)

Digitalarti recrute un(e) Community Manager en CDI. Digitalarti (cré
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Digitalarti recrute un(e) chargé(e) de production & diffusion en stage de pré-embauche

POSTE Digitalarti recrute un(e) chargé(e) de production et diffusion d&#
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