4K/UHD screens in selective airport or hotel lounges : call to new media artists

News published on 11 Feb 2015 in Immersive Art Spaces, News


Digitalarti is currently curating new media artworks, in UHD/4K video format, to be exhibited in hotel lobbies or airport lounges.

The theme is quite open, around travel, fluidity, link, with a quiet or smooth atmosphere, but also some stunning and unexpected moments.

Videos may have a duration around 2 to 5 minutes.

These artworks will be exhibited first in 6 international locations – Europe, Asia, Middle-East – with extensions to a larger number of locations worldwide.

We welcome your submissions of sample artworks, you foresee as providing a great experience in these exhibition conditions.

These artworks can be already in UHD/4K format or may upscale nicely in this format. The first step of this call is closing on Feb. 23, with a selection of 10 artists.

If you need any informations and to submit, feel free to contact us at bertrand@digitalarti.com .

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