Artistic and creative 4K video artworks in SkyTeam Lounges

News published on 07 Apr 2016 in Interactive Art Shopping, News

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, is adding a new aesthetic element to its worldwide lounges by unveiling a series of digital video artworks. Selected, produced and installed by Digitalarti in partnership with BrandImage agency, these featuring pieces created by renowned digital artists offer a relaxing visual display to enhance the ambiance found in each SkyTeam lounge.  

SkyTeam continues to carry out its first business class program to travelers with more than 600 lounges worldwide, some perfect places to leave the chaos of the airport terminal behind.

The original broadcast device of artistic and creative 4K videos offers customers the chance to enjoy some of the finest digital art when they visit global skyteam lounges. These moving images provides a soothing visual experience to help customers rest and unwind before they catch their next flight, they also add an exciting element in the lounge offering.

SkyTeam’s Digital Art Gallery can be found in the alliance’s lounges in London Heathrow, Istanbul, Sydney, Hong Kong.  SkyTeam’s new lounge in Dubai also features a digital art installation, starting with Rachel Newman’s Electric Ocean. The artworks will be rotated on a quarterly basis and include:


Grégory Chatonsky – Our Land

Gregory Chatonsky video art

French artist, Grégory Chatonsky, is the founder of a net art platform.  The winner of numerous awards, he works on the relationship between existence and technology.
Our Land (2015) is a generative video using the artist’s fingerprint, which has been digitalized and used to create a landscape. The camera moves indefinitely on this island of sand.


Rachel Newman – Electric Ocean

Rachel Newman video artwork

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rachel Newman works predominantly in digital media, specializing in motion graphics, while also having a background in fine art, including drawing and painting. Electric Ocean was created as a visualization of the surrealist quality of the sea, set in motion by design. Created with traditional and technical values, it is a combination of aesthetics set to create an immersive dreamlike experience.


Perry Hall – Turbulence Drawing System (Redux)

Perry Hall artwork video

U.S.-based artist, Perry Hall, approaches painting as a time-based medium similar to choreography or performing music. His painting films are created by using electromagnetic forces instead of digital processes. Drawing System uses high-resolution photography to capture the abstract patterns created by oil and acrylic paints as they move and transform. It was filmed live without the use of digital software.

Selected, produced and installed by Digitalarti in partnership with the BRANDIMAGE agency.
The videos are hosted and displayed using Digitalarti DAX proprietary digital creation platform.

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