D-light exhibition, 3rd edition of Digital Immersions, Accenture’s Happen Space (Paris)

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Client: Accenture
Production: Digitalarti
Curator: Julie Miguirditchian
Order: Offer an unusual experience, a new way of feeling and interacting with light
Event: 3rd to 8th June 2013, Happen Space Accenture in Paris

The 3rd Digital Immersions exhibition offers to discover innovative artworks and design about light: interactivity, immersed at the core of an aesthetic and sensorial space, performance and disruptiveness are the baseline of this program.

The light chooses what’s visible and structures the perception by revealing the shapes of the material, the objects and the space they belong to. It has been inspiring artists for ages, and gets often turned into a topic of  studiy, observation, a medium to manipulate or a material to work…

Nowadays, light stands for one of the main topics of the contemporary and digital artistic creation. It has become a experimentation field, always evolving thanks to the successive innovations.


All the exhibited artworks

(all the links go to web-pages written in French)

Stéfane Perraud, PLUS BLEU QUE LE BLEU, 2013. Interactive light sculpture 
(Co-production Digitalarti)
Details and photographs


Antonin Fourneau, WATER LIGHT GRAFFITI, 2012-2013. 
Interactive light installation
(Co-production Digitalarti)
Details, pictures, videos


Lab[au], M0ZA1QUE 4*4*3, 2013. Light kinetic artwork
Details, video, pictures


Bertrand Lamarche RÉPLIQUE (Baphomêtre), 2008. Light sculpture  (Courtesy of Jérôme Poggi Gallery, Paris)
Details, photos and video


Vincent Leroy AMIBE À MIROIR, 2010. Installation (Courtesy of NEC gallery, Paris)
Details, pictures, video


olivier ratsi
Olivier Ratsi, PÊLE-MÊLE #1, Echolyse Series, 2013. Video installation, Sound design : Thomas Vaquié
Details and pictures


Evelina Dimnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, CAMERA LUCIDA SONOCHEMICAL OBSERVATORY, 2003-2008,Light and sound installation
Details, pictures and video


Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, PERSPECTIVE PROJECTION (2013) Interactive light scultpure
Details and pictures


Laurent Bolognini, F-VECTEUR II & VARIATIONS (2013) Light sculptures
Details, pictures and video


François Brument & Sonia Laugier / In-Flexions, RESPONSIVE LIGHT (2012) & WATT’TIME (2007), digital design and real-time installation
Details and pictures


Electrik Mondays, LUMINOGRAPHIE 2.0, interactive installation– crédits


Gaëlle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard, EXTRALIGHT, 2013, design
Details and pictures


Eric Michel, SEVEN KEYS (2005) & FLUO HORIZON (2006), Light sculpture and video
Details and pictures


Dynamo-Fukushima & Les Flux Radiants, YANN TOMA (2011 et 2012), participatory artwork and photographs crédits
Details, picture and video


Photographs : Quentin Chevrier for Digitalarti (except for mentioned credits)


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