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News published on 06 Jan 2011 in News

Innovative digital reinvention for corporations 
Digitalarti works with hundreds of creators, artists, designers and coders worldwide to produce stunning contents and innovations
for any corporation who wants to reinvent to digital.

Digitalarti, the first international portal dedicated to digital art & innovation allows managers of companies and agencies to integrate the stunning innovative digital artworks for events, for communication or to work on breakthrough innovations with R&D departments.

– Innovation
Digital art is at the fore front of innovation. New creative products, new usages of existing product or services… digital artists work, play, invent with all this. It opens a window in our collective future. It is essential for every company, for the R&D departments, the marketing ones to follow those new trends and participate.
– The ArtLab
This is the engine of digitalarti innovation and value add. An incubation center with a range of most modern technologies and skills offering infrastructure, business and innovation skills. The Artlab brings forth commercialisation and scale up innovations and content from creators and from Digitalarti own team as well as  from corporations own R & D departments.
– Disruptive innovation 
Disruptive innovation is in digitalarti’s DNA and is the heart of its core business.  
-To enhance a creative reputation
As it is the leading media tool covering digital art, being referenced on DigitalArti is a must. To reach pros, artists or to be known by the digital art public and contemporary art lovers at large. provides companies a new way to be well-known and to communicate among the creative communities.

– Information
Thanks to its artists and artworks’ directories, Digitalarti helps to discover new creators, festivals, art centers and galleries… The wealth of information published on the website also brings a steady perspective on digital creation and its evolution, making Digitalarti a unique tool to get the latest news and be up to date about innovation.

– Innovation, promotion and services
DigitalArti provides specific promotions and a variety of services, around innovation and promotion – Contact us for more information.


– To publish
The publication of news will enables to appear, at the top of the lists, on the home page and to be well-referenced on search engines such as Google. Information, pictures, movies, etc. published on digitalarti can also serve as the base of a larger Internet presence. This data will be automatically pushed onto social networks, agregators and onto partners’ websites using easy-to-integrate widgets.
– Contact
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