Digitalarti introduces Openmix, the world’s smallest audiomixer

News published on 25 Aug 2014 in News

Digitalarti introduces Openmix, the first pocket-sized device that makes it easy  to share and DJ our favorite music and playlists. Financed by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter the portable audiomixer gathers now the  the necessary funds to manufacture Openmix and raise enough money to pay for the production tooling.

Gabriel Danet is the Openmix creator.  From Mechanical and Design studies at Strate College, Gabriel is specialized in interaction design. We met him at his University presentation. We loved the Openmix’s concept and choose to produce the device with him to get the Openmix project off the ground.

We are generally more involved in events, installations and productions of digital artworks but the design of the prototype and the change to our way of sharing music definitively seduced us. We chose to support the creator in the elaboration of its project, by bringing in the expertise of an electronic engineer, Jordan McRae, with whom we often work on various projects.

Openmix presentation

Openmix is a stylish, pocket-sized device that makes it easy for friends to share and DJ their favorite music and playlists. Connect any two devices – smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, computer – to a speaker or sound system to easily switch  between songs. No batteries or instruction manuals required – just plug, play and mix. Thanks to a miniaturized audio crossfader, the user can mix two tracks or just move from one song to another.

The third input audio stereo port allows adding every sound effect available on a DJ app.

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The last 6 months of the Openmix project have been spent on developing multiple revisions of the functional prototypes and improving both the sound quality and the design so that it is smaller, easier to use, provides a great sound and is easier to manufacture. Now,  the Kickstarter campaign will finance the production of the project.

To support and get Openmix let’s meet on the Openmix kickstarter page !
For $29, you’ll get the Openmix if you’re part of the first 200 backers.

Openmix, kickstarter, audiomixer, Digitalarti, Gabriel Danet, Jordan McRae
Jordan McRae, Gabriel Danet, Malo Girod de l’Ain

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