Digitalarti installs two generative 4K videos for Equatorial Hotel Shanghai

News published on 11 Apr 2016 in Immersive Art Spaces, Interactive Art Shopping, News

The Equatorial Hotel Shanghai, prestigious hotel in the heart of downtown Shanghai, has recently installed six digital art boxes connected to 4K screens in the hotel lobby. From general thoughts about digital creation for the Hotel Equatorial project, Digitalarti selected two artists and generative video artworks broadcasted in the new VIP lounge.



generative 4k videos shangai


Video artworks and artists

Generative Flowers V3

Generative algorithmic drawing and motion piece designed, and coded by Mike Brondbjerg with processing, using a seed image by Rikard Osterlund. Using an algorithmic process, the artists sampled the underlying colour and form from Rikard Osterlund’s image to create a 3D “model” of the flowers.

generative 4k videos shangai

Mike Brondbjerg is a designer, developer and artist working in data visualisation, information design, web applications and generative design, using a range of technology including Processing, Arduino, HTML, JS, CSS, D3JS & WebGL.



Metamorphosis is a generative, algorithmic animation programmed entirely in processing.

generative 4k videos shangai

Computer artist and animator Glenn Marshall is a Prix Ars Electronica winner, and a current Lumen Prize finalist, considered the two most prestigious digital arts awards in the world.

His animations, interactive artworks, and visual art, are created through code art and innovative software skills. Inspired by science and nature, the meditative and the abstract, and with a philosophical narrative, his work spans 20 years, winning awards and screened at many film festivals world wide. He is currently a recipient of the Major Individual Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, their highest recognition given to leading artists in the country. Glenn’s entire works, hosted on Vimeo, have had over 1 Million plays to date.


Art videos selected and produced by Digitalarti, immersives art spaces producer and distributor, for the Equatorial Hotel Shanghai.

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