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News published on 09 Nov 2011 in News

Custom-built exhibitions

Digitalarti offers exhibitions fitting with companies or institutions needs. We bring our technical and artistic skills based on an international network of artists, creators and reference curators.

The art direction of our exhibitions matches with companies’ current topics, brings together energies and talents around creativity, innovation and digital economy, solves our customers’ issues and gives them an innovative positioning.

For instance, we organized recent exhibitions for the General Council of Oise and Accenture (June 2012).


Rêveries numériques (Digital dreams

Exhibition made on the occasion of Jean Jacques Rousseau birth tricentennial, organized for the General Council of the Oise in June 2012.

The route “digital dreams #1” presents for the first time at the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Park Cultural Center  an overview of digital artworks around the theme of the nature, presented by Digitalarti and curator Julie Miguirditchian.

By bringing face to face six artworks of contemporary digital artists in the Enlightenment most famous philosophic garden, we notice that there is no longer a border between real and virtual. The living and the digital seem closely linked. The experience of the nature for these artists is similar to how Jean-Jacques Rousseau conceived it in his life and work: poetic, interactive, immersive and even philosophical. This experience results in multidisciplinary approaches based on several media: video art, installations sound, 3D sculptures, design… 


Immersions Digitales (Digital immersions

The exhibition "Digital Immersions" provides an overview of digital works around the theme of nature.

The living and digital are intimately linked. Experience is poetic, interactive, and immersive. Video art, digital photographs, landscapes, interactive sound installations, sculptures 3D design, artificial intelligence, bio-art, art flows in real time…

Some of the guest artists exhibited: Samuel Rousseau, Eduardo Kac, Jakob + Macfarlane, Mathieu Lehanneur, Daan Roosegaarde, Miguel Chevalier, Sennep, Matthieu Briand, Chatonsky, Scenocosme, Jacques Perconte, Matthew Kavyrchine Julien Levesque, and the Art of Failure collective.

Curator: Julie Miguirditchian


Immersions Digitales (Digital immersions

Digitalarti organized an exhibition of digital art, Digital Immersions, in Accenture’s "happen space", Paris 13th, a space dedicated to creation and innovation opened in March 2011.

This exhibition has been dealt with the relationship between human and machine, between real and virtual. Digitalarti artworks selection reflected the diversity of digital arts: artworks on screens, but also installations, luminous digital sculptures, nanotechnologies, sound installations, stereolithographies, digital prints, generative devices…

The title "Digital Immersions" put emphasize on the sensory and the principle of Accenture’s "happen space" as a place allowing discovery and experimentation.

Curator: Julie Miguirditchian

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