FLUX, monumental art installation by Stéfane Perraud in Paris Gare de l’Est – produced by Digitalarti

News published on 29 Jan 2013 in Memorable & Digital Art Events, News

From 17th December on and for 3 months, a monumental art installation by Stéfane Perraud lights up the historical rosette of the Paris Gare de l’Est train station. The light animation reacts to the passengers arrivals and departures. This artwork was tailor made for an artistic call to tender of the national railroad company (SNCF). The selection and production of the artwork were managed by Digitalarti.

Visible at day and at night, off the train and on the street, its glitters render the pulse of the train station. In line with Lueur – a former creation of Stefane’s for the Nuit Blanche 2008 – Stefane Perraud follows his symbolic representation of life cycles, demographic and urban flows:

“For this train station, I was quickly attracted by the intense traffic due to the flow generated by the Parisian area. A few years ago, I discovered Paul Virilio’s installation “A Virtual Stroll”, exhibited at La Fondation Cartier, in collaboration with Diller Scofidio+ Renfro, Laura Kurgan and Ben Rubin. It dealt with migrations because of global warming and rising water. My work is close to this search. I myself designed several installations about data aesthetics and data processing in a spatial and poetic way. For instance Lueurs (2008) which highlighted demographic flows and overpopulation, or Modifié #02 (2008), an artwork based on overnutrition and malnutrition data in soybean heads.

When I show to travellers a cartography of the flows in the train station, I try to link the passengers with each other – with a proposal of a collective consciousness of travels – and to poetize this cartography thanks to a crystal clear symbol: a luminous point for each person.”

FLUX is a Digitalarti production, realized at the occasion of a SNCF artistic call to tender.
Artist: Stéfane Perraud /  Technician: Laurent Brun
Assistants : Manuel Labra and Agniezska Malinovska
Production Manager: Julie Miguirditchian and Guillaume Renoud Grappin
Thanks to : Christian Delecluse, Sima Khatami
Bijan Anquetil
Photographs : Quentin Chevrier for Digitalarti

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