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News published on 14 Mar 2013 in Memorable & Digital Art Events, News

water light graffiti @ rotterdam museum night – credits : Jose Pach

For a few months, Water Light Graffiti has been on tour around the world. Here are its upcoming events and a full report of its past exhibitions, enhanced with a map, pictures and videos.

Find more details about Water Light Graffiti construction here.

Upcoming events (red dots on the map) :
– Chicago (USA), Pitchfork Festival, 19 > 21 July 2013

Past events (blue dots on the map) :
RENNES (France) – Connexites Festival (June 27th and 28th 2013)
NANTES (France) – Stereolux (June 6th to 30th 2013)
NANCY (France) – Renaissance 2013 (May 24th to June 16th 2013)
PARIS – D-light exhibition (3rd to 8th June 2013)
PARIS – Parizone@dream festival (1st  + 2nd June 2013)
NEW YORK – NY Design Week (May 13th 2013)
CULLY (Switzerland) – Cully Jazz Festival (April ’13)
THE HAGUE (Netherlands) – UNESCO’s World Water Day (March ’13)
ROTTERDAM (Netherlands) – Museum Night (March 2013)
BARCELONA – Mobile World Congress (February 2013)
CERGY (next to Paris) – “Visages du Monde” art center opening. (February 2013)
LAS VEGAS – Consumer Electronic Show (January 2013)
ABU DHABI – Art for All Festival. (November 2012)
PARIS – Parisian Nuit Blanche. (October 2012)
POITIERS (France) – 1st exhibition of Water Light Graffiti (Summer 2012)

All the locations where Water Light Graffiti has been to are gathered on this map.
Blue markers are past events, red markers are upcoming events.