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Pixel Avenue
is a huge pixelated screen forming a “bright sky” on the underside of the tunnel to help escape the feeling of being enclosed. This light display emphasises the dynamic movements crossing the site: pedestrians, cyclists, car traffic and the day/night cycle. The artist creates variations reflecting activity in the area from movement sensors and vibrations. The different illuminated scenarios incorporating light, colours, forms and rhythm are directly linked to everyday life in the area. Pixel Avenue is intended as a work to symbolise the innovative, open and creative region of Plaine Commune.

Digitalarti Production

Pixel Avenue highlights dynamic flows in the area

When you go through the tunnel, the very perceptible vibrations from the motorway diminish or intensify as cars and lorries go past. Likewise, the flow of pedestrians taking this passageway towards the Stade de France evolves throughout the day depending on the time (office hours, sporting events etc.). These variations are an indication of the activities that take place in the area. They are furthermore easily measurable in real time with the help of movement and vibration sensors. This data enables us to “gauge” the activity of the neighbourhood at a given moment of the day.


Pixel Avenue therefore integrates these parameters in programming the light display to create interaction between the users and the space. The installation therefore functions like a real living entity, its behaviour reflecting the immediate environment. The range of possibilities offered by the device in the programming of the light displays and taking of external data into account produces a sophisticated visual language, with a system to organise certain priorities, taking decisions, initiatives, stirring curiosity or causing surprise.

The fully autonomous installation generates its own behavioural scenarios, so well that it is never exactly the same depending on the time of day, the week or the season.


Installation interactive


Given the range of possibilities enabled by the light display programming, the external parameters that influence the installation’s behaviour are as follows:

Pedestrian and bicycle flow:  infrared PIR sensors on beams in several locations in the tunnel calculate in real time the approximate number of people under the bridge at the same time and on the pedestrian thoroughfare taking the direction of the pedestrians and their average speed into account.

Motorway traffic: The intensity of the traffic on the motorway is also taken into account by means of microphones positioned in several places on the ceiling of the tunnel.

Examples of interactive monumental installations are a rarity today in public areas. Digitalarti is proud to take part in this long-term project, symbolising an open urban, creative environment that is significant for the territory.

Production: Digitalarti
Project leader: Martin Giraud
Electronic design: Yann Guidon
Interactivity: Olivier Gilquin
Technical Studies: Techni’cité
Implementation: Bentin

Electronic interactive installation by Fred Sapey-Triomphe Saint-Denis, 2016

Commissioned by Plaine Commune, Territory of culture and creation, and the Stade de France, in partnership with the town of Saint-Denis.

Pixel Avenue 3



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