Light Graph Painting animation at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

News published on 27 May 2015 in Interactive Art Shopping, News

Within the framework of thematic events at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, Digitalarti has invested the store to make discover to customers two digital installations around the Graph Light Painting device named Loplite, enabling interactive and collective drawing sessions.

At the swimsuit radius, an installation intended to make customers interact with a stylized beach projected on a screen with a model wearing a swimsuit model. Guests were invited by the artist and hostesses to bring their personal vision thank to a glow stick and a laser pointer to project different patterns on the screen (fish, shellfish, boats …)

As part of an afterworks cycle in Galeries Lafayette, the shop had organized the shoes space with several animations designed to challenge customers. Created specially for the occasion, a Loplite shoe version, designed with the outline of a Converse sneaker in large format, allowed visitors to create and personnalize their own digital sneaker.


Loplite is an interactive and collective drawing installation.

Using flashlights, light sticks and laser pointers as “brushes”, one draws on the screen by pointing the light to the wall or by manipulating the stick in front of the wall. The shape and the location of the light manipulated in front of the wall define the shape of the projected line. As the drawer moves in the space facing the screen, the getsures are also a part of this creative process. The line becomes the moves reflection. Moreover, the LopArtHD software enables to animate all the lines, to create moving drawings, and original spectacular animations. (read article

Loplite is distributed by Digitalarti
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