Loplite at the Museum of Modern Art of Qatar with the Paris Saint-Germain Handball team

News published on 18 Aug 2015 in Memorable & Digital Art Events, Productions

The Paris Saint-Germain Handball team was this summer in Qatar for a  week long training camp. Players visited many cultural venues including the Doha Modern Art Museum of Qatar. On this occasion players could express their creativity with Loplite, a digital animation of light painting  proposed by Digitalarti.

Patrice Annonay, Xavier Barachet and new recruits Luka Karabatic and Henrik Mollgaard had an artistic afternoon at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, in Doha. After a tour of the museum’s exhibitions featuring the best of modern and contemporary art of the Arab world, the players were invited to take part in the creation of a digital fresco. Equipped with digital pens, the players in teams of two expressed their artistic talent and tried to reproduce one of the museum pieces of art with their own style..

Un bel après-midi artistique au musée Mathaf était au programme pour Patrice Annonay, Xavier Barachet, Luka Karabatic et Henrik Møllgaard.Après avoir découvert l’art moderne arabe, les joueurs ont pu exprimer leur créativité au cours d’une animation digitale. Jugez de leurs talents par vous-même !

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(Crédits : TeamPics/PSG) – Loplite avec Patrice Annonay

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