Loplite at Winter Lights Weekend in London

News published on 13 Jan 2015 in Memorable & Digital Art Events, News

Canary Wharf is lighting up this January with stunning installations as part of the Winter Lights Festival. People were invited to explore interactive activities and unusual light displays.

Throughout January, Canary Wharf hosts its Winter Lights Festival with sculptures, lasers, projections and digital art from a diaspora of International light artists.

Wolf in the city

Among these stunning installations,people were invited to discover the interactive and collective drawing installation Loplite: Using flashlights, light sticks and laser pointers as “brushes”, one draws on the screen by pointing the light to the wall or by manipulating the stick in front of the wall. The shape and the location of the light manipulated in front of the wall define the shape of the projected line. As the drawer moves in the space facing the screen, the getsures are also a part of this creative process.

photo ©BradInglis

photo ©BradInglis

Many thanks to the artist, Gilbert Petit for his contribution.

Loplite is distributed by Digitalarti, in collaboration with Muchomedia.

Winter Lights Festival @ Canary Wharf from Canary Wharf on Vimeo.


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