Open call to new media artists for creative videos, generative videos

News published on 04 Sep 2015 in Immersive Art Spaces, News

After the initial success of our previous call with international artists signed for exclusive videos for airports and airlines around the world, Digitalarti is currently curating new media video artworks for additional clients to be exhibited in hotel lobbies, corporate headquarters and more.

The theme of this call is open. We currently have requests for (but the call is not limited to those themes) generative videos using company data, creative digital creation videos (no standard film or documentary) or around the themes of the sea and water, videos with a quiet or smooth atmosphere, etc.

We welcome submissions of sample artworks, you foresee as providing a great experience in these exhibition conditions. These artworks can be in HD format or be already in UHD/4K format. The first step of this call is closing on October 15th.

Videos may have a duration around 2 to 5 minutes. Videos can be generative.

These artworks will be exhibited around the world, Europe, US, Asia, Middle-East depending on clients location. Also depending on clients needs (and budgets)

Contracts can be on exclusive or non-exclusive bases, thanks to specify available rights.
Artist fees will be negotiated and paid for each diffusion. They may be projected for evenings diffusion for a corporate evening or an exclusive and permanent installation ( not the same amounts of course).

If you need any informations and to submit, feel free to contact us at


credit : video on the screen : Electric Ocean by Rachel Newman

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