Beauty, emotion and interactivity reveal the digital world in a different light.

Digitalarti provides a setting for prodigious digital creators and their works to support them during their creation and then worldwide distribution to companies, public spaces or private places.Our mission is to produce and promote these stunning digital creations worldwide to, dare we say, bring a dose of digital happiness.


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Welcome to the world of digital creation, 21st century art

Digital art is the creation of the digital age. Digitalarti’s task is to raise awareness and to introduce this new form of creativity to businesses and to the general public. Whether interactive, generative or transdisciplinary, digital art is often an invitation to discover, a spiritual journey during which participants forge their own experience.

Digitalarti has engaged with creators for many years, helping them to explore the potential of technology and to appropriate the digital language that gives free rein to their creativity. Digitalarti builds bridges between the world of business and digital creation through the aesthetic and sensory experiences implemented. These amazing creations are forums for expression, open to new forms of interaction, learning and communication, for the artists as well as for our customers.

For 5 years, Digitalarti and its teams have developed international expertise to implement innovative digital communication for demanding clients worldwide, from Abu Dhabi to Seattle and from Barcelona to London…for events or installations for hundreds, up to tens of thousands, of people. Digitalarti’s expertise, ranging from production of major works to enriching innovative events with digital creations, extends from requirements analysis to the maintenance of permanent facilities.

At the border between art and technology, Digitalarti thrives on creation and innovation. Digitalarti shares this expertise with companies wishing to embrace the digital transformation, to introduce their customers to new digital experiences during events or with permanent installations that transform offices, point of sales or homes.


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Projects tailored to your needs

Specialising in both business consulting and the production of artistic projects with a strong technical ambition, our expertise allows us to develop tailored proposals specific to the identity and functions of the venue. Whether part of a project to develop public space, to create a concept store, a corporate event, a themed exhibition or a cultural sponsorship operation, we guide you to select solutions to achieve your goals.


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Digitalarti Media: the media for digital creation

In 2009 Digitalarti also published the first art and digital innovation media with the news site Digitalarti Media, a newsletter and iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Digitalarti Media covers current events in the international digital art arena. It discusses major or emerging artists and their works, significant events in the scetor as well as topics related to innovation, research and relationships between art, science and technology. This international media spans key creative communities worldwide.

The community comprises professionals from the art and culture of digital creation, artists, festival organizers, creative spaces, galleries and arts centres, media and communication professionals, events and also art, creation and technology lovers in the broad sense. The Digitalarti Media site is also a unique and innovative platform for promotion enabling members of the creative community to communicate freely by editing and publishing their own news that is then relayed on our community networks.