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New Skyteam Lounge at Dubaï 


A fifth SkyTeam lounge has just opened its doors in Dubai airport. At year end, the airline alliance will open another salon in Beijing. More than 960 m2 therefore now expect the network business traveler SkyTeam in the new terminal D from Dubai airport, and has a capacity of 180 passengers. This lounge designed by Brandimage promotes the use of wood to ensure the business traveler “Elegance, privacy and individual comfort,”. The living room is especially equipped with a separate TV, a VIP area, showers and computers made available “laptop bar”. In addition, the lounge offers a buffet and a winebar with a wide selection of wines. Finally, a digital gallery implemented with Digitalarti also reconciles art and technology, valuing works of digital art that will change each quarter.



SenseImage: Touching is seeing in another way

Digitalarti SenseImage

“proof concept” Tool developed around a concept of sensitive video material, SenseImage relies on digital technology to offer an experience of a new kind. The experience offered by SenseImage operates an interactive touch support including capacity evolves based on programs developed for him. The touchpad installation detects and analyzes its environment and offers playful nature programs, creative or practical. 

Discover SenseImage on its production page


The project SenseImage launched in Futur en Seine 2015, was a resounding success with audiences of all ages came to express their creativity on the interactive LED wall. The device has also made some notable appearances in national TV news such as France 3 and M6.

SenseImage Futur en Seine Digitalarti

SenseImage Digitalarti Futur en Seine
Senseimage at french television on M6 and FR3


SenseImage is also on the after movie of Futur en Seine 2015:



“Echoing the Centre Pompidou-Metz, Muse tend to become a cultural destination in itself.” In the mall, Muse will renew with contemporary artistic expression. In partnership with Digitalarti, an agency dedicated to the promotion of digital art, digital artistic course has been imagined as a natural extension of the Centre Pompidou-Metz.. “Concretely fifteen unpublished digital works will mark the way of the visitors. a Muse dedicated shop will propose high-tech , arty, design products. read more


Fast Company

Fast company Digitalarti

[Photo: Flickr user Digitalarti]

The Nation

bangkok mapping
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Digitalarti article on TechCrunch

 Data Art

Many artists use as material for art the raw data produced by our societies, seeking innovative means of display or transforming it into a work of art. By blurring boundaries between art and information, data art dispels the myth of the romantic artist while offering a fundamental artistic act in a critical commentary of the digital age in which we live. An age that is supposedly open and yet increasingly obscure or incomprehensible to non-specialists. By re-appropriating these reams of information, or big data, data artists reintroduce fantasy to an age of increasingly abstract data and concepts.

You can read the full article “The digital age of data art” on the Crunch Network on
This article has been selected by the editorial of TechCrunch.

A Digitalarti Media article written by Maxence Grugier (with Jean-Baptiste Luneau)




Conference at Futur en Seine 2016


How do you turn the idea of an “emotional and sensory experience of art and entertainment” into a profitable and international business? Which business models sustain the company with offices in Paris, New York and Shanghai? What can we learn from strategic decisions taken on the way to success?  Malo Girod de l’Ain, co-founder & CEO of Digitalarti, the leading French new media & digital creation production and distribution company will speak on theses issues at the Ace-Creative Bootcamp workshops sessions during Futur en Seine 2016.

These workshops and pitching sessions for creative entrepreneurs at Future en Seine 2016 are supported by the Ace-Creative EU acceleration program. ACE-C is addressed to ICT-driven companies in the creative industries that are ready to attract finance and to go international. read more


COMAD 2016


COMAD est un événement digital d’Esupcom Paris. La conférence portait sur la dimension participative et sociale des arts numériques, ainsi que les nouvelles pratiques qu’ils engendrent. Isabelle Napolitano répondait notamment aux questions relatives à définir les arts numériques, à identifier ses pratiques de commercialisation et de financement et l’état de son marché.

COMAD is a digital event by Esupcom Paris. The conference focused on participatory and social dimensions of digital arts and new practices they engender. Isabelle Napolitano answered including issues define the digital arts, to identify its marketing practices and market.


Conference urban art and digital : the new challenges of urban art in the digital age,by Numa

“The digital art experience just push the boundaries of online sales. We find innovative concepts as Artips, which offers artistic curation services to individuals. More oriented technology concepts, as Brightfor and Digitalarti, exploring the relationship between art and technology ” Read more



Garden Talk #5 art and digital: impact of digital one the art market and new issues

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