Bluer than Blue | interactive installation

Bluer than Blue is an interactive installation consisting of an aquarium filled with jelly and an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset, which measures and translates brainwaves. Inside the aquarium, two motorized laser beams reach almost invisible phosphorescent pigments. The viewer experiences the piece through physical interaction, by wearing the EEG headset and focusing her thoughts in order to trigger the lasers. The more focused she is, the wider and faster the lasers draw their line, until it creates a blue lightning, similar to the Cherenkov effect.

The Cherenkov effect happens in the storage pools of nuclear power plants, when particles speed up until they spread faster than light, in this particular context.

This first prototype of this artwork was part of the D-light exhibition.


Epoc EEG helmet, PureData, Arduino, Servo-motors, lasers, animal jelly, phosphorescent pigments. Special thanks to Matt Richardson for his open-source code of pan and tilt control of servo-motors, which inspired Jason Cook for the motorized lasers.

Artist: Stéfane Perraud / Assistant: Dounia Beghdadi
Artlab Director: Jason Cook / Artlab Engineer: Alexandre Saunier
EEG helmet interface: Alexis Chazard
Production Manager: Julie Miguirditchian / Production Assistant: Géraldine Atger

Co-producteurs and partners : Digitalarti, Acnot, Pictanovo, DIRéAM, galerie de Roussan, La Malterie, la Gare Numérique, Festival VIA, Festival Exit, l’Imaginarium, Laboratoires Lille 1 PHLAM, IRCICA, & ENSCL, Mairie de Lille , Espace Culture Lille 1