Fleeing mirror | interactive object

The project “fleeing mirror” is an object that has all the attributes of a mirror, but contrary to its primary function, prevents bodies and faces looking to see their reflection.The object rotates once its board detection system identifies someone facing him.

By systematically stealing under the visitor, a lawsuit ensued between the mirror and the reflection after which runs the visitor but which continues to escape. What happens when the narcissist function of the mirror no longer works, and your reflection seems to escape you when you approach it? This interesting reflection is driven by the piece Miroir Fuyant (Elusive Mirror) by Thomas Cimolaï, produced in coproduction with Digitalarti and notably exhibited at the Bouillants Festival, at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin as part of the exhibition Miroir, Ȏ Mon Miroir, or more recently for the salon Futur en Seine 2015.

The device certainly abuses a narcissism forever dissatisfied fun but above all the phenomenon of controlling our own presence in the world to push the game into an abyss: the promise of an unattainable or reflect more precisely the verification of our existence forever dissolved in the movement of a prankster mirror.

All these works will be available for events, festivals, facilities and operations within the framework of original digital communication. Since the robots that will welcome and guide guests to the mirror fleeing to query technologies with humor, these works promise many innovative experiences.

The mesmerising thing in Miroir Fuyant is that the mirror acts almost more like a sort of anti-mirror, avoiding bodies and faces by making their reflection unattainable. An object whose primary function is contradicted, contorts habits. It refuses to be used. Through his pieces connecting screens and objects, Thomas Cimolaï makes the spectator look at themselves differently, offering another experience of our relationship back and forth between physical reality and its representation.