Human Mind | Interactive sculpture

The Human Mind invites the visitors to enter into a dark room where an automated voice is live broadcasted according to a computer-generated speech.

The installaton presents itself as a 4 square-meter cube closed of by two black curtains which entrance is topped by an inscripton in white leters: «The Human Mind». When the cube is empty it starts playing a mix of heartbeats, human breathing and space sound efects in order to draw the visitors’ atenton and encourage them to come inside.

Their fow is re- corded thanks to sensors placed at the entrance and exit, taking account of the tme each one of them spends inside. As soon as someone enters the cube the music stops and is relayed by a computer-generated speech that is close from a human voice. Then, the cube starts to think aloud about the nature of the unknown persons inside, who he calls – for lack of any- thing beter – the Human Mind. This slow but contnuous speech is generated in real tme and could be endless. It contnues playing without any interrupton untl the cube is empty again. This installaton aims to be a metaphoric representaton of future technological breakthroughs, like computers had gained independence and would philosophize about their own creators.