Lumifolia | Interactive garden

Lumifolia is made of shrubs. Their leaves react to humans strokes with sounds and lights.

The installation is an interactive garden that questions sensitively, artistic and musical relationships with the plants and the environment. The plants are awakened in contact and subtle electrostatic induction of the human body through the interaction of the audience. As a breath, a soft halo of light flickers continuously around the shrub. When someone caress, the light becomes stronger variation depending on the proximity of the contact.

The light illuminates the plant the time of interaction. Sensitive, the plant acts like a pilot ready to shine intensely with visitors approach. By offering an interrelation between body, music, light and nature Lumifolia offers extra ordinary attention and sensitive with respect to the plant world and the environment. Every part of the shrub (leaves and stems) and reacts according to the energy intensity of the contact.

This artwork showcases and light energy received by the plant. Like a breath, a soft halo of light flickers continuously behind every shrub. Slight variations of this light depends on what the plant receives in its environment. Heat, humidity, electromagnetic energy etc … are the elements that influence its biological condition. These technically palpable, perceptible variations are transformed into light variations of our interactive device.

When a person touches a shrub, this bright variation becomes stronger. The plant perceives the electrostatic energy of the human body. This energy follows us like a shadow and invisibly touches our environment. It is here on plant branches offering the experience of a relationship with a reactive plant to our existence. The light becomes more warm and intense. This varies according to the degree of closeness of contact. So when several people together caress the plant, the light intensity is amplified even more.
Client: Parisian Airports Company (“A√©roports de Paris”)
Order: Improve Terminal 2C in Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport
Artwork: Lumifolia, by duet Scenocosme
Curator and production manager: Julie Miguirditchian