SenseImage | interactive and tactile surface

SenseImage is the first multi-shaped, flexible video tactile surface ever created. The patented technology uses a display interface that connects surfaces of all shapes and sizes, and can go on the floor, walls and ceilings alike. The result is an immersive experience that you can walk on, touch even lay on.

SenseImage emanates from an ambition based on digital technology and to design an innovative tool about a sensitive video material concept. This is the design of an interactive touch support with the capacities of evolving with the programs developed for it. It can be likened to a touch surface that detect and analyze its environment and offers playful creative or practical programs.




This is a sensitive coating applied to video architecture, monumental sculpture, within various domestic or professional environments. SenseImage is a communicating sensitive skin and has a capacity to spread over its surface to surround our bodies, to interact with it, to generate an immersive dimension to many forms of applications independently or in conjunction with our computers, our TV and our connected objects.

SenseImage can be declined into tables, walls, ceilings, floors, carpets … .This multifaceted support can be part of interactive and immersive decor including filling out the other satellite components (speakers, lighting, interactive sculptures), support training, sales …


Scope of applications

Artistic: Interactive color flow images revelation, in combination with the sounds and music

Playful: Numerous games redisigned for the entire body with similar games as Pong, Snake, Pacman with some variations of most famous console games – Retro-gaming, Tetris, memory games, games recognition of animals, pairs game, etc.

Business: logo and products revelation,  use of collaborative artistic applications.

Immersive Spaces: Hotel Room or Lobby with applications evolving with time, with the mood of the client, also living room or work area for home usage. For events or permanent installations in stores to provide innovative display and interaction.

Technical details and equipment:

-LED panels 10 mm pitch. Plates of 16 cm x 16 cm assembled by 9: square 48 cm x 48 cm.
-Presence detector around each LED
-Available in many formats. Example wall structure 2.5 m x 2 m, 15 cm thick, 50 cm with foot structures
-Programming Interface (API) for programming
-Low consumption based on LEDs. For an area of 5 m2, for example, a simple electric socket is enough.

Possible forms:

– Tables
– Walls
– Carpet
– Ceilings
– Stairs
– Furniture (tables, Bar …)
– Display for a point of sale, as part of a trade show ….



SenseImage is the second stage of an art project conceived by the visual artist Pascal Bauer. His aims is to produce a video sensitive surface applicable to architecture or monumental sculpture. The future artistic goal is to marry the physical body to the image. (read the artist’s portrait

The current stage is to define an interactive multi-touch display unit which can grow to infinity, and which may at some future time to be a marketer. This in turn allows marketing to pursue the technological developments of this ambitious project.

SenseImage was created by Pascal Bauer, a French visual artist and designer. After having created his own design publishing company, he decided to concentrate exclusively on the artistic dimension of his work and spent two years on a production flow where he diversified his practices by using several technical skills. The first solo exhibitions of this period helped him to develop an expressionistic density that can be easily perceived in his last monographic exhibition at the Art and History Museum of Saint-Denis.

Senseimage is a project supported by Cap Digital and Région île-de-France