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Digitalarti opened an office in Shanghai in January mainly to develop the presence of new media and digital art in China in various places like companies, hotels, malls, etc. Interestingly, the Shanghai art scene already shows interesting creators. For example, in the Moganshan Lu area where many art galleries present both traditional and contemporaray artists, 2 art centers are worth a visit.


island6 is a a collective group of artists, both tech and creative, who mix art and tech to produce inovative animated pictures. The collective works are based on the future of Asia, including scenes from old and new China. They use the collective name of Liu Dao.

The spirit and purpose behind all Liu Dao artworks, literary contributions, and exhibitions is collaboration. The group places emphasis on interaction in order to engage artists, curators and technicians in the process of creating and experiencing art focusing on collective rather than individual values, with the direct aim of benefiting a young Chinese contemporary art scene promotionally and creatively.

“Post No Bills” vernissage at island6 Main Gallery in M50

An appealing comparison is to the film industry: the island6 gallery acts as the producer for the artists (actors), curators (film directors), while utilising the skills of cameramen, set designers, choreographers, scenographers, and writers. The digital artworks produced by island6 also use postproduction editors, such as Affect Effect experts or sound designers. Each artwork and exhibition has a cast with credits for people of different skills.

island6 is also present in Hong Kong. They exhibited in Paris too at Art Paris.

“Dust and other Existential Issues” (粉尘漫天) from Liu Dao RGB LED display, acrylic painting, paper collage, teakwood frame

Dance of Desperado, Liu Dao, Laser projection
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George Legrady, Voice of Sisyphus | Slice  at the Chronus Art Center

Chronus Art Center is China’s first nonprofit art organization dedicated to the presentation, research / creation and scholarship of media art, established in 2013. CAC creates a multifaceted and vibrant platform for the discourse, production and dissemination of media art in a global context, with its exhibitions, residency-oriented fellowships, lectures and workshop programs, and through its archiving and publishing initiatives. CAC is positioned to advance artistic innovation and cultural awareness by critically engaging with media technologies that are transforming and reshaping contemporary experiences.

artist:  Teun Vonk, Chronus Art Center

Beginning in 2015, under the artistic direction of ZHANG Ga, a curator and professor of media art, and with the support of a newly established international advisory board consisted of leading scholars, artists and museum professionals, CAC has restructured its programming by launching a series of interdisciplinary projects, including an ambitious research / creation–oriented fellowship and commissions project, thematic exhibitions and educational programs that contextualize historical and present day media art conditions, expanded global collaboration and exchange. CAC brings to the public awareness of the impending post-human reality and the resulting social and political implications by accentuating the dynamic synergy of art and science as a response to the challenges and opportunities that contemporary media society has given rise to.

2 works by George Legrady integrate algorithmic into data visualization and sound to create new experiences. The repetitive and cycling feature of both works bring to mind the Greek myth of king Sisyphus’ dilemma, hence the title of the work.

Voice of Sisyphus by George Legrady from edwardcella | Facebook

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