ARTLAB HISTORY Created by Digitalarti in 2011 the aim of the Artlab is to welcome artists to create with the Digitalarti teams of engineers, designers and coders with a creative, collaborative and innovative approach. The approach is multidisciplinary, at the crossroads between the possibilities of technology and the inspiration of […]

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ARTLAB ARTISTS RESIDENCES  Artlab welcomes artists in 3 different ways: – Resident: collaboration between an artist and the Digitalarti Artlab leading to the production of a work, usually a co-production – Visitor: an autonomous project by an artist / technician, benefitting from the space, tools, atmosphere and guidance from the […]

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ARTLAB EQUIPMENT In addition to it’s team of engineers, technicians and designers, the Artlab has numerous machines from computer-aided tools, CNC, 3D printers, laser cutting and electronic card engraving including: – Digital / Computer: The Artlab is equipped with several computers with all available operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX) […]

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