4k screens

The Equatorial Hotel Shanghai, prestigious hotel in the heart of downtown Shanghai, has recently installed six digital art boxes connected to 4K screens in the hotel lobby. From general thoughts about digital creation for the Hotel Equatorial project, Digitalarti selected two artists and generative video artworks broadcasted in the new VIP lounge.   […]

News written on Monday 11 April 2016 in Immersive Art Spaces, Interactive Art Shopping, News

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, is adding a new aesthetic element to its worldwide lounges by unveiling a series of digital video artworks. Selected, produced and installed by Digitalarti in partnership with BrandImage agency, these featuring pieces created by renowned digital artists offer a relaxing visual display to enhance the […]

News written on Thursday 7 April 2016 in Interactive Art Shopping, News

After the initial success of our previous call with international artists signed for exclusive videos for airports and airlines around the world, Digitalarti is currently curating new media video artworks for additional clients to be exhibited in hotel lobbies, corporate headquarters and more. The theme of this call is open. […]

News written on Friday 4 September 2015 in Immersive Art Spaces, News

  Digitalarti is currently curating new media artworks, in UHD/4K video format, to be exhibited in hotel lobbies or airport lounges. The theme is quite open, around travel, fluidity, link, with a quiet or smooth atmosphere, but also some stunning and unexpected moments. Videos may have a duration around 2 […]

News written on Wednesday 11 February 2015 in Immersive Art Spaces, News